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The Questing Energy is characterized by Action, Conscious Awareness, Concentration, and Power. It is the energy that allows the individual and humankind to "Be all it can be." It brings us face to face with our potential which is both within ourselves and greater than ourselves, allows us to do what is right to achieve it.












Positive Archetypal Images



Complete: Mature - Adult
The Knight Errant; The Warrior-Warrior Princess; the Apostle / Disciple; The Pilgrim-Searcher; Joan of Arc; Don Quixote; Dr. Martin Luther King; Ghandi; Search for the Holy Grail
Incomplete: Immature - Child
The Hero / Heroine Child









Shadow Archetypal Images


Complete: Mature - Adult

Aggressive: The Sadistic Bully

Passive: The Coward, The Withdrawn One, The Resigned and Defeated One "

Incomplete: Immature - Child

Aggressive: The Playground Bully, The "Grandstander"

Passive: The Coward, The "Mousy" Child  




Questing Archetypal Energy Introduction


The Questing energy is the power of the purposeful mission. It involves two related goals: to discover or rediscover a lost or diminishing energy; and / or to establish or employ an energy into the world. The purposeful mission is a result of connecting one's own fate/dreams with that of something greater than one's self. The quest is in service of the power of the Queen-King, Sorcerer-Sorceress Guide, or the Lover.

The questing energy uses the powers of focus, dedication, cleverness, perseverance, risk taking, intelligence, constraint, and inventing to bring the other energies back to the world or into the world. The questing energy stands for "doing the right thing," serving a greater good, and following the dreams and aspirations necessary to creating meaning in one's life and to give meaning to the lives of others. The quest follows and actualizes what has been envisioned by the other energies. This power enables the Dream Builder / World Builder / Vision Questor and clears the path for and defends the dream of personal and cultural self-actualization.








Other Examples of Questing Behaviors


Taking Action
doing what needs to be done • realizing your potential • making what's possible real • practicing what you preach • carrying out plans • producing magical results • using your talents
Acting Consciously
knowing what you are doing and why • acknowledging your motivations • understanding your intentions • examining the known situation
having singleness of purpose • being totally committed • applying the force of your will • feeling centered • setting aside distractions • focusing on a goal
Experiencing Power
making a strong impact • having vitality • creating miracles • becoming energized • feeling vigorous • being creative








Characteristics of Questing Archetypal Images


  1. Warrior / Warrior Princess
    1. General
      1. A clear focus and dedication to mission and the "King"
        1. Samurai story
      2. Transpersonal Commitment: Commitment to something "higher" that self.
      3. Aggressive energy to take life "head on."
      4. Demonstrates clarity of thought and action in overcoming the challenges of life.
      5. Knows his or her limitations
        1. Realistically assesses his / her capacities and the situation and mission.
      6. Balances the need for "violence / destruction" with compassion
        1. General Marshall and the Marshall Plan
    2. Female Energies
      1. Harmonizer
      2. Peacemaker
      3. Settler
    3. Shadow Energies
      1. Sadist: The passionate or passionless practitioner of cruelty. avenger / tyrant. A passion for the cruel and destructive and a hatred for the "weak." Nazis, Darth Vader, The Great Santini
      2. Masochist: The coward, pushover, the wimp, the one who disempowers himself and gives it to others. Doesn't know when to quit; to learn to cut loses and takes too much abuse until it explodes into a sadistic outburst.
  2. Hero Child: the world needs a rebirth of the heroic to bring it back from chaos
    1. General
      1. No transpersonal commitment, but is committed to him / her self. committed to "impressing" self.
      2. Does not know his or her limitations
      3. Romantic about his or her vulnerabilities
      4. Will push the limit until the push causes his or her "death"
    2. Usefulness
      1. Noblest approach to life / task?
      2. Advanced form of boy psychology -- the most advanced
      3. At best in adolescent development
    3. Assert masculine force / traits
      1. Calls upon boys masculine reserves to experience own independence, competence, budding abilities
      2. Tries to shine and stand above the crowd (often attacked for this)
    4. Break with the feminine
      1. Mobilizes the boys delicate ego structures to break with the Mother and face life
      2. Establishes a beachhead against the overwhelming power of unconscious represented by the feminine (Mother)
    5. Explore limits
      1. Encourages him to dream the impossible and fight the unbeatable if he has enough courage -- and if he is not possessed by the hero grandstander
      2. Set to "push the envelop" and test himself against the difficult even hostile forces in the world
      3. Throws the boy against the limits, the seemingly intractable
      4. Push us to our limitations (as boys) to enter manhood
    6. Death and resurrection
      1. All heroes must "die" and be transformed
      2. He meets the enemy and it is himself -- encounter with true humility (role of hero is to bring us to true humility) -- knowing our limitations and getting the help we need
    7. Shadow Energies
      1. Grandstander Bully
        1. Need to dominate
          1. Intends to impress others
          2. Strategies intend to proclaim superiority and right to dominate
        2. Overinflation
          1. Claims center stage as birthright
          2. Walks over others in his insensitivity and arrogance
          3. Rage accompanies claims against his special status
          4. Assault with vicious verbal or physical abuse against those who see through him or threaten his overinflation
          5. Attacks those who recognize his underlying cowardice and deep insecurity
        3. Sense of invulnerability
          1. Thinks he is invulnerable, has god-like pretenses -- in danger of creating his own destruction / demise
          2. Soldier who takes the unnecessary risks -- the hot shot
          3. Denial of death -- non acceptance of mortality
        4. Doesn't know his limitations
          1. Doesn't know or acknowledge his limitations
          2. Inflated sense of own importance and abilities -- not as good as he thinks he is
          3. When we do not face our limitations we are inflated and sooner or later our inflation will be called into account
          4. The "impossible dream" is for him (he thinks)
          5. Thinks he can fight the "unbeatable foe" -- set for ironic trouble
        5. Loner
          1. Not a team player, but a loner
          2. Listens to no one, out for himself
        6. Feminine conflict
          1. Overly tied to Mother with driving need to overcome Her
          2. Locked in mortal combat with the feminine striving to conquer it and assert his masculinity -- doesn't know what to do with the princess once he has won her
      2. Coward
        1. Reluctance to stand-up for self in physical confrontation
        2. Runs away from a fight (more manly to walk away excuse) feels wretched in spite of excuse
        3. Allows self to be bullied intellectually and emotionally
        4. Caves-in under forceful pressure -- acquiesce to pressure form others
        5. Feels invaded, run-over, doormat
        6. Lacks motivation to achieve anything of importance or significance in human life
        7. When he has had enough, the bully violently takes over -- surprising the enemy

        8. Not the Author of his or her own life, but allows others to dictate their actions / reactions

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